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Favorite Videos  
Adam Hurt on YouTube Paul Roberts Video
Gourd Banjo - John Riley the Shepard BanjoCrazy Video Page
Adam and Beth play Glory in the Meeting House at the Gainsborough Annual Old-Time Festival, UK Paul's You Tube Channel
Marcy Marxer on YouTube Cathy Moore on YouTube
Buffalo Girls & Puncheon Floor – the video that got the cello banjo
re-ignited  / with 1918 Gibson cello banjo
Cello Banjo sampler with Gold Tone CEB-5
Kitchen Girl -  with Gold Tone CEB-4 cello banjo Cello Banjo description

Johnny Don’t Get Drunk - with Gold Tone CEB-4 cello banjo

Cooley’s Reel & The Congress Reel – Irish tunes


Rush In the Pepper – a tune from Illinois
Jerry O'Conner on YouTube Star of Munster & Greasy Coat – Irish & Old-time
Reels: The Bag of Spuds and The Copperplate Julianne Johnson with syncopation
Mike Keyes on YouTube  
O'Carolan Medley on Cello Banjo  
Gordon Johnston on YouTube  
Reel : Boys of the Lough
Hornpipes : The Showman's Fancy and Pretty Maggie Morrisey
Demonstration of Gordon's Technique  

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