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Article / Interview Archives Great Music Videos on YouTube Favorite Tabs
Clawhammer/Old Time /Cello Banjo
Marcy Marxer Marcy Marxer/Cathy Fink on YouTube coming soon!
That’s How Our Family Had Fun      Angeline the Baker Gold Tone CEB-4  
Marcy Marxer - Cello Banjo Pioneer  Kitchen Girl - with Gold Tone CEB-4  
Cathy Fink

Cello Banjo Blues

Close-up on the Cello Banjo B Girls & Puncheon Floor–1918 Gibson CEB
Cathy Moore Cathy Moore on YouTube  
The Dancing Banjo Cello Banjo description  
  Cello Banjo sampler w Gold Tone CEB-5  

Star of Munster & Greasy Coat – Irish & OT

  Cooley’s Reel & The Congress Reel – Irish  
Bob Carlin  
Cello Banjo History    
Bob Carlin - Banjo Missionary  
Bob Carlin Talks About GT Cello Banjos    
Irish Tenor Banjo
Mike Keyes Mike Keyes on YouTube  
Renaissance Banjo Man O'Carolan Medley on Cello Banjo  
Discovering the Cello Banjo  
Gordon Johnston Gordon Johnston on YouTube  
Fingerstyle Irish Tenor Banjo Demonstration of Gordon's Technique  
  Reel : Boys of the Lough

Hornpipes : The Showman's Fancy and Pretty Maggie Morrisey
  Gerry O'Conner on YouTube  
  Reels: The Bag of Spuds and The Copperplate  
Classical/Early Banjo
ABF Exerpt Cello Banjo History Bela Fleck on YouTube  
Bela Fleck explores African Roots of Banjo  
  Prelude from Bach Violin Partitia #3  
  Béla Fleck - Bach Project  
  Steve Martin, Béla Fleck, Tony Trischka  
  Bill Evans on YouTube  
  Bill Evans playing African banjo  

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