Octajo - Gold Tone Octave Banjo Mandolin


Octajo Octive Banjo MandolinOctajo Octave Banjo Mandolin


Gold Tone is introducing an octave mandolin-banjo. The Octajo is a double-course tenor banjo tuned an octave below the mandolin.


Featuring a 12” rim with bronze tone ring and an octave mandolin neck, the Octajo can be strung with either metal or nylon strings for a choice of dramatically contrasting tonal characteristics.


The Octajo fills a niche in a time when octave mandolins are gaining popularity. It opens a new tonal spectrum in the banjo and mandolin families of instruments. The Octajo is an instrument with a huge voice that will find its way into all kinds of music.


I've been working with Gold Tone as a retailer, independent product specialist and designer for many years and it's a thrill to have been asked to bring out this new instrument. I'll be receiving one soon and will update with videos and more information as my Octajo and I get to know each other.


Octajo Octive Banjo Mandolin

Octajo Mini Reviews...


“Blimey, that sounds really nice. My colleague plays octave mandolin in his band, I can't wait to show him your video . Gold Tone has struck gold with the cello banjos,I'll watch with interest to see how this instrument does. Cheers from Scotland!"


"Has a nice mellow, yet snappy, sound."


"Both openback sound and the sound with resonator have a lot to offer."


"The Octajo sounds terrific!"


"Unbelievable range of tones for a beautiful instrument. The Octajo sounds terrific!"


Octajo Octive Banjo Mandolin"Okay, this company really needs to stop making instruments that I really need."


"There is more clarity with the resonator--more sustain, but not too much. More mellow without the resonator."


"It has a LOT of sustain, which I believe must certainly be aided by the double strings, which will no doubt produce some sympathetic ringing."

I like your "Bouzouki Banjo” Paul!


"Your video showing the use of picks demos the rich depth of sound possible with this new instrument. I'm curious if you play only with fingertips what kind of sound you get, as you've done with the cello banjo."


"I really like the sound of the Octajo!"


"Wonderful sound Paul!"



Octajo Octive Banjo Mandolin



Kemp's Jig on the Octajo








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