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OB-250+Bluegrass Banjo BT-200 Banjitar GT_500 Banjitar GT_1200 Banjitar CC Banjitar











BT-200 Banjitar BT-200 Banjitar Banjitar from Gold Tone InstrumentsSo you're a guitar player, right? You love the sound of the banjo but you don't know how to play it. Does that mean that you have to be in a perpetual state of banjo-deprivation, lying around dormant and listless, pining away for a sound that you'll never play? No! Here's the solution: the Gold Tone line of Banjitars. These amazing 6-string banjos - played like a guitar - make it possible for even the most desperately banjo-hungry guitarist, to play gorgeous melodies with plunk, right out of the box.







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