Children's Banjos  


Children's Banjos

Kids don't need to wait until they have big hands to start wiggling their fingers on the strings. In fact, the earlier they begin, the greater they can become. Musical involvement for children activates intelligence and imagination, supporting many aspects of learning and childhood development. The banjo's uniquely cheerful sound provides a fun and exciting path to achievement, and gives children an early start in finding out how fulfilling it is to contribute to the happiness of others.



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Plucky Children's BanjoPlucky - Our Price $284.25


Perfect for the very young child, on the trail, or cuddling up with on the couch. Set up perfectly at our shop just like the big boys. Includes a carrying bag.


Weighs only two lbs…Tuned in C or D. This banjo is no toy and is very playable. The neck width is similar to a full size banjo for ease of fingering. Its has low string action and plenty of volume.



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Bluegrass Special - BG-250F

BG-Mini - Our Price $666.75
A very playable novelty banjo; possibly the world's only child-sized, fully functional bluegrass banjo... and it is way cool!


With a two-way adjustable truss rod, a bone nut, planetary-style tuners and a geared fifth string peg, this is a lot of quality for not a lot of money. It has an eight-inch head stretched across a modified, hoop-style solid brass tone ring. Its scale length is 19-3/4 inches and tunes up to the key of C with standard gauge strings.



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Carla Roberts, Chinese CChildren's Banjos - Gold Toneheng















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