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ABS-C Condensor Microphone System Microphone

New Gold Tone ABS-C
Condenser Microphone System

This exciting superior sounding new condenser banjo microphone easily attaches to any banjo or resonator guitar in seconds and amplifies the true acoustic tone.



Gold Tone has announced the introduction of a new banjo and resonator guitar Condenser microphone system called the ABS-C. It's purported to have a much higher output than their current dynamic system, and a better sound. Being a condenser, the Gold Tone ABS-C microphone will require the use of phantom power. Like the current Gold Tone ABS, the ABS-C attaches to any 2 brackets to accommodate positioning for desired sound.

Here's the description:


ABS-C Condenser MikeThe Gold Tone ABS-C Banjo and Resonator Guitar Condenser Microphone system easily attaches to any banjo or resonator guitar in seconds and amplifies the true acoustic tone. The ABS-C is a condenser microphone and requires phantom power.


The ABS system is essential equipment for the performing banjoist or resonator player. By attaching a condenser microphone to the end of a small gooseneck cable, the ABS reliably captures the music you generate at the precise sweet spot where your instrument sounds the best. Attachment and adjustment for ideal placement is simple and easy. The ABS-C is shock mounted to prevent the introduction of extraneous vibrations. With no exposed wiring, the ABS-C can be transferred from one instrument to another in seconds. The ABS-C requires phantom power and connection to the sound system is accomplished with the included cable (¼ ” TRS to XLR). Includes a soft carring case.





ABS-C Condensor Mic

Gold Tone Retail Price: $229.00 

Our Price - $183.95 includes shipping in the US

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Gold Tone ABS-C Condenser Microphone











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