Adam Hurt Playing David Hyatt's Gourd Banjo

  Solo Gourd Banjo CD       

Earth Tones“That's a shoo-in for the best solo banjo album of the year. I've never heard a gourd banjo sound so good.”



“All I can say is OMG.....What an incredible album! His playing is so, so good, his tone, and intonation is beyond compare. When I found out the CD was released I jumped on CDBaby to purchase it!”


“Hurt could make a broomstick sound good.” Tridentum


“Wow!! Some fantastic playing, and the recording quality sounds great as well.” Adam Kiesling


“My copy arrived today from CDBaby. It is an awesome project. It is magnificently played...and masterfully recorded! Very enjoyable!
Congratulations to Adam (and Paul for recording and co-producing).

My recommendation....

John Balch

"This cd is superb bordering on sublime. I've always been a fan of Adam's playing and have his 3 other cd's, but for me, this one outshines them all. It is a masterpiece, indeed."

Laurie Baardse


“This CD is beautiful music. The banjo is amazing. Adam Hurt is such a great player. It is truly inspiring.”

Ron Ortegel


Absolutely brilliant; Adam Hurt is the clearest combination of virtuosity
and genius to ever approach clawhammer banjo be it the ancient or modern form of the instrument.
Tom Berghan, Old Time Musician, Seattle 2010


"Got my copy in the mail yesterday.... holy moly.... what a gem!

that's some of the finest sounding banjo music i've ever heard.

Now i've got a hankerin' to get my hands on a gourd banjo. Paul R- what a treat it must have been to be the one who recorded this beautiful music.

Steve Lach


The artistic level to which Adam Hurt takes the gourd banjo, on “Earth Tones,” is - putting it mildly – stunning. To reach such a degree of refinement and mellifluousness on such a primitive instrument is very difficult to imagine.

Adam Hurt has released a groundbreaking CD, entitled “Earth Tones.” The celebrated banjo virtuoso’s first solo album is a daring foray into the mysterious world of the gourd banjo - a little known and extremely difficult to play instrument.

The Gourd Banjo

Gourd banjos were brought to the colonies by African slaves hundreds of years ago. The African gourd banjo is the prototype for what we now think of as the American banjo – an important element of American musical history that is only recently becoming more widely known.

The gourd banjo that Adam is playing, on “Earth Tones,” was made by the man perhaps most responsible for re-introducing gourd banjos into the modern world, David G. Hyatt. Hyatt’s seminal work in educating modern banjo players and banjo makers about the gourd banjo has been a central influence in the emerging awareness of the actual history of the banjo. Besides having an unrelated job as dean at the University of Arkansas, Hyatt has a mission, vis-à-vis gourd banjos: to teach people about their place in banjo history and to teach instrument builders how to make them so musicians will keep the history alive through their playing (which several, including Mike Seeger, have done).

Paul Roberts


David Graham Hyatt
Banjo Enthusiast and Maker of Gourd Banjos


The gourd banjo is a true combination of the workings of nature and man. Here you'll find tips on how to construct your own gourd banjo, as well as learn more about some of today's masters


History of Gourd Banjos

by George R. Gibson


Banjo Making Manual by David G. Hyatt


How to Install a Skin Head by David G. Hyatt


Gourd Banjo MP3 files and tabs compiled by David G. Hyatt
Earth Tones -Adam Hurt Banjo Virtuoso

Earth Tones
New CD
Solo Gourd Banjo
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Adam Hurt Banjo VirtuosAEARTH TONES CDo CD Review
Review of Earth Tones CD by Carla Roberts
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David Hyatt Gourd Banjos

About Earth

Paul Roberts on Earth Tones
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Adam Hurt Gourd Banjo

Adam Hurt playing the gourd banjo
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Adam Hurt Concert Review

Concert Review
Adam plays in the mountains of Colorado
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David Hyatt Gourd Banjo

Gourd Banjo
David Hyatt gourd banjo played by Adam
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David Hyatt Gourd Banjo

Adam Hurt

Paul Roberts interviews Adam Hurt
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Adam Hurt Banjo Virtuoso

Visit Adam on myspace
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About the Gourd Banjo

"The gourd banjo is not only a significant instrument of our past, it is also a vibrant and living instrument of today. Our mission is to ensure its longevity by researching its rich history and how it continues to live through modern makers and players. The beautiful sound of the gourd banjo should not be lost to antiquity."

"I first met Adam Hurt in fall of 2002. I was heavily focused on promoting the gourd banjo in any way I could. I was sitting in the hotel restaurant talking to a young man and mentioned to him that I had this four-string banjo in my room. So we went to take a look at this banjo, and this fellow then proceeded to set fire to Cumberland Gap. I said: "whoa there, wait just a minute", and grabbed my tape recorder. You can hear that recording on my web. And that was my introduction to Adam Hurt who was even then just a phenomenal and very focused banjoist. He is also a remarkably kind and thoughtful person."


David Graham Hyatt
Banjo Enthusiast and Maker of Gourd Banjos




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