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Banjo LadyOne of the great things about Cello Banjos is that they can go so many places, musically, without their sound being overly identified with a particular genre of music. Between the 4 and 5-string models, you can cover a lot of ground, culturally, such as old-timey American tunes, blues, jazz and classical music, to many styles of music from around the world.

I wasn't surprised when Béla Fleck began using a Gold Tone Cello Banjo for his collaboration with African musicians on "The African Project."

Other banjoists who are making good use of the the CEB-5 include Tony Trischka, Cathy Moore and Mike Iverson. Cathy and Mike got their Cello Banjos through BanjoCrazy.com. Check out the other Cello Banjo videos on YouTube by these and other fine players.

Paul Roberts
Cello Banjo Specialist

Paul Roberts Cello Banjo Specialist

Paul can assist you in choosing the perfect Cello Banjo and suggest custom set up and strings for the best sound.

What Wayne A. Rogers, founder and President of Gold Tone has to say about Paul....

"Paul Roberts of BanjoCrazy.com has set up his site featuring our cello banjos and has provided history, interviews, playing techniques, collections of music and videos, and a wealth of information on the specifications. If you’re interested in learning more about cello banjos, visit BanjoCrazy.com and talk to Paul who is an authority on this special instrument.”

Sincerely yours,
Wayne A. Rogers

Gold Tone Banjos

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Gold Tone CEB-5
5-string Cello Banjo
Persian Folk Tune
Clawhammer Cello Banjo

tuning: gCGCD
Raday Shyam
Clawhammer Cello Banjo
Tuning: eDEAD,
way below a normal banjo
Hindu folk melody, played in clawhammer style.

Hello John D
Clawhammer Cello Banjo

Tuning: DGCD
modal fiddle tune

John Henry & Johnson Boys
Clawhammer Cello Banjo
Tuning: gCGCD
Two quintessential American tunes for which the banjo is ideally suited to carry.
Jamil Abaya
Clawhammer Cello Banjo

Tuning: gCGCD
An ancient folk tune from the fertile crescent
Tuning: gCGCD
This is an original Greek-sounding composition, I wrote in honor of Efronsini.
Gold Tone CEB-4
4-string Cello Banjo

Comparing Tonal Ranges
Cello Banjos #1
"The Glenside Polka" and "The Maids of Ardagh" played on 3 Gold Tone 4-String Cello Banjos (CEB-4), tuned in three different tonal ranges.
Cello Banjos #2
"Merrily Kiss the Quakers Wife," an Irish jig, played on 3 Gold Tone 4-String Cello Banjos (CEB-4), tuned in three different tonal ranges.
Cello Banjos #3
"Cooley's Reel," an Irish tune, played on 3 Gold Tone 4-String Cello Banjos (CEB-4), tuned in three different tonal ranges

Premier Banjos of the Year!
Gold Tone CEB-4 and CEB-5

Bela Fleck Cello Banjo

Bela Fleck with his beloved Gold Tone CEB-5 Cello Banjo

Check out our great prices!

Gold Tone Cello Banjo Model CEB5

Gold Tone Cello Banjos Cello Banjos
Gold Tone
CEB-4 and CEB-5
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Paul Roberts Cello Banjo

Paul Roberts interviews Cello Banjo Players
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Cathy Fink Cello Banjo

Cathy Fink
Close-Up on the Cello Banjo

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Bob Carlin Cello Banjo

Bob Carlin
Cello Banjo History & Gold Tone Cello Banjos
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Marcy Marxer Cello Banjo Pioneer

Marcy Marxer
Cello Banjo Pioneer

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Mary Z. Cox

Mary Z. Cox

Cello Banjo Interview
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Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore
Creative opportunities on the Cello Banjo
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Banjo Crazy Blog

Our Blog
Cello Banjo tabs, videos, and our full spectrum of free content
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