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Gold Tone Travel Banjo - Tranjo

Ever wish you could stash your instrument in a smaller place when you hop on a plane, or just need more room whenever you roam? If so, you're not alone. Others have traversed that route before, and some have come up with handy ways to navigate compressed. The nice thing about a travel banjo is that it could well mean the difference between going with - or going without - your instrument. Many players don't want - and can't afford - to backslide from the careful skills they've developed on home terrain. If you happen to be one of those - and the big, heavy guy is just too much to haul on your next jaunt - consider a nice, streamlined road axe.



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Gold Tone Travel Banjo - TranjoTranjo


The Tranjo is the most unique traveler ever made. The neck is completely detachable with one thumb screw and fits in a suitcase. Best of all, it is completely full scale and has a great bluegrass tone. The body design fits comfortably in your lap and its light weight is easily maneuvered. An affordable and a welcome addition to any 5-string player's collection.


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Gold Tone Traveler Deluxe - TB-250

The Traveler Deluxe TB-250

A premier traveler with many of the same features as the best banjos. Due to its remarkable tone, this banjo can be played professionally, tuned up to "A." It includes gold plating, White Ladye tone ring, Remo Fiberskyn head, ebony fingerboard, notched tension hoop, hearts and flower inlay, Straight Line tailpiece, curly maple resonator. A fine piece worthy of passing down to future generations.




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