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Tenor Banjo Peg from Gold Tone InstrumentsQuestion: What do you get when you marry a banjo neck to an unusual body?
Answer: A hybrid instrument with a whole new world of wonderful sound.

Those who like to go beyond the confines of tradition are free to explore different tonal universes with these instruments, maintaining fidelity to a banjo-playing perspective.




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Pat Cloud BanjolaPat Cloud Banjola


This top professional banjola has many upgrades from our original highly successful Banjola. A
wider body, pin style bridge (instead of floating), maple/abalone full body binding, multi-layered
veneer back of headstock, rising sun inlay, maple heel cap, and a dual stereo out transducer/magnetic pickup. This is a great stage instrument as the amplified tone is unique and sustaining. It has a very fat tone, due to the stereo pickup arrangement.

"I love the solid feel and the action is perfect. I just love it. It gets better and better every time I pick it up. It's perfect for me." Pat Cloud


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Mando Banjo 850

Mando Banjo 850 - MB-850


The Gold Tone mandobanjo is much louder and has quicker response than a normal mandolin, due to a brass tone ring and resonator. Best of all, it retains proper tuning, which has always been a problem with its vintage predecessors. The 8” head can be stretched tight to avoid the old sinking bridge problem.



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Irish Tenor Banjo IT-250F


Combining the refined & well-tested Gold Tone shortscale tenor neck with a hard rock maple 3 ply rim, sand cast brass tone ring, one piece flange and 14" traditional resonator assures quality tone - and lots of it!!




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