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Adam Hurt: Perspective

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Adam Hurt’s brand new CD, “Perspective,” is a must-listen for old–time banjo enthusiasts. The delicate styling of traditional tunes, combined with Adam's brilliant original arrangements, works well to keep one's attention throughout the CD. Each piece shows off the wonderfully warm, fresh and sensitive playing style that has catapulted Adam to the top of banjodom.

Trading back and forth between the more intimately detailed solo banjo pieces and traditional fiddle driven old–time pieces, “Perspective” delivers on playing clarity, careful attention to balance with the fiddle and guitar accompaniment, and of course the amazing tone that Adam is somehow able to coax out of his banjos. His 1881 patent H.C. Dobson Silver Bell is featured on the majority of tracks. It really does have a bell-like tone that is crisp and mellow, simultaneously. Coupled with Adam's impeccable playing technique, the Silver Bell harkens back to the golden age of the banjo as the soul of American musical expression. And, soulful is Adam’s playing - the enduring quality driving all the tracks of “Perspective”.

Gourd Banjo CDThe tune, “Cherokee Shuffle,” shows off Adam’s signature style beautifully, with a multitude of creative playing devices that pull you right into the tune. The magical blend of infectiously happy music and technically superb artistry is showcased here in its full glory.

A rich and smoky flavor enters the mix with the playing of a 2008 Kevin Enoch banjo on tracks 4, 9 and 11. “New River Train” is an old–time jewel with Beth Hartness providing her unobtrusive, but completely sympathetic, backup guitar. The melody starts simply, then builds excitement with increasingly complex melodic embellishments, all the while remaining true to the tune’s basic structure.

The Celtic inspired treatment of “Highlander’s Farewell” pairs the fiddle and banjo in unison for an ancient ride of compelling rhythmic and melodic patterns. This medieval mood contrasts with a more traditional American style on the second part, with fiddler Stephanie Colemann stating the melody and Adam harmonizing on the Silver Bell.

A banjo solo track, “Molly Put the Kettle On,” expresses classical detail of theme and variation, with Adam’s subtle dynamics and ultra clean tone. I love this almost hypnotic number, which is a complete change from the rest of the CD.

“Flowers of Edinburgh” has a leisurely pace (unusual for this tune) and a pensive, sweetly intricate arrangement that features a Wayne Sagmoen banjo. Entirely unique to the CD, this banjo sounds like a mandola – a gorgeously deep tone that is supported by guitarist Andy Edmonds.

All and all, Adam Hurt’s “Perspective” CD will be an extremely valuable addition to the old-time banjo enthusiast’s collection. I have already listened to it many times and still want to hear it again and again – the true test of an outstanding CD.


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