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Janna Kim is a vibrant young musical talent from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She has a stunning voice and a dynamic personality. And, she’s a 5-string banjo player! Her interest in the banjo and her search to learn how to play it in a country where the instrument is unknown is a compelling story.


I launched a campaign to get Janna a better banjo, seeing this as an opportunity for a brilliant young musician to develop her creativity. I also hoped it would become an effort whereby banjo players from around the world would support one of their own. I hoped that it would help bring the happy sounds of the banjo to a part of the world that had not yet experienced its music. Lots of hopes; and they have come to fruition thanks to all of our donors from around the world!  - Paul Roberts of

Sponsors of the Janna Banjo Project partnered with world-class banjo maker, Tom Nechville, and Elation Center for the Arts to assist this brilliant young musician in achieving her creative goals. Nechville, whose handmade banjos are highly revered, provided a matching opportunity to obtain one of his high-end instruments in support of this Global Artreach project

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More About the Janna Kim

John Herrington - Banjo Maker
Janna Kim is the stunningly talented lead singer in the rock band Cross-Section, in Uzbekistan. Janna also likes to explore the resonant landscapes of the 5-string banjo, teaching herself how to play, with a little help from her friends in the global village of the Internet.
Janna has a strong desire to introduce banjo music to Uzbekistan - a country without banjo music except hers. 


Janna (as told to Paul Roberts)

America always was my favorite country in the world. When I play banjo and when I hear its sound, I feel like I have come into the Old Wild West, where I can see cowboys, horses and saloons. It's a cool feeling isn't it? I like American folk music so much. It is very romantic for me.


I don't know why I'm playing banjo,” says Janna, “but I know that I love its sound and I hope one day I will play better. Maybe I'll visit USA, someday. This is the dream of my life...


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About Elation Center for the Arts

The Janna Banjo Fund was coordinated through Elation Center for the Arts, whose mission is the preservation of traditional music and dance. It’s a nonprofit that my wife Carla and I co-direct. We founded it six years ago in Pagosa Springs Colorado in order to run community concerts, folk music and dance classes, workshops and various other cultural arts programs. - Paul Roberts


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Cathy Moore - Banjo Janna Kim , Banjo Player and Rock Singer From Uzbekistan

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Lead singer in the band "Cross - Section". Band Website:


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