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Whiskey In The Jar (click to play)  Banjo & Singing by Janna

I always liked this song very much, especially perfomed by "Metallica" and "Dubliners" too. I've tried to create my own version of this traditional Irish song, playing banjo and singing.





Hello, friends!
 I think that you all understand the English language well, and know it better then I (mine is Russian)…

box I love banjo

...but I'm the only one who plays banjo in Uzbekistan...

janna kim banjobox My banjo’s name is “Musima.” It was like a Gitjo (or Banjitar) before I made it a 5-string banjo. Now, it has 5 strings, but 6 tuners - so one tuner stays empty…



box People can't understand my strange passion to play banjo. They don't have enough information about this kind of music. I'm alone here with my banjo. Some of my friends think I'm a very strange girl…


box I feel a little progress with banjo.
Maybe I'm crazy. Sometimes I'm sleeping with my banjo notes under my head, even if I can't play them now…

box I noticed that the sound of my banjo changes everyday. It depends on my position or pose. When I'm sitting on the chair the sound changes. Or if I'm sitting on the floor, it changes again! And if I stand up, its sound becomes another again. Today it may be very good and nice but tomorrow it can be not so good. I don't know what to do with it...I wanted to record my new song with my banjo but I can't find that sound through these days. Why my instrument is so naughty?


box All my life I worked as a singer in clubs and restaurants. But recently I have decided to try to change a field of my activity and to try to work as somebody another... and I was arranged to work in hotel.
As a result I have understood, that no other trade except for the musician approaches me... So I hope I'll leave this boring and uninteresting work and go again to learn another banjo tune and more new songs!

box I've been singing all my life. I always liked to sing. When I went go to school, my parents sent me to music school too. My first serious musical instrument in my childhood was a violin. I played violin for two years. I sang a lot in school, and I decided to become a professional singer. I was writing songs and asked my dad to play them on the guitar for me and we recorded them. I like to listen to songs in your language and sing them.
I am writing songs in English, but there may be some mistakes in my lyrics, so I need to know your opinion about it :)) Here is one song:

Janna Kim from UzbekistanClose Your Eyes

1. Close your eyes
 Come into my dream
 Hear me tonight
 I`ll be right here
Waiting for you
 Come in, my dear
 What can I do
 To make it real?

2. Baby, I know
 I'll give you my all
 All for your kiss
 Because I miss you so
And I
 Can`t sleep tonight
 You are always 
 In my mind
Baby, I can`t sleep tonight
 You are always in my mind

3. Close your eyes
 You know what I mean
 Welcome into 
 My sweetest dream
 I`ll be with you
 Right here, my dear
 What can I do
 To make it real?


"Новый Год и Моцарт"

box Here is my special present for you - a beautiful fairy Christmas song - written by my best friend for me. The arrangements, lyrics, music and guitar playing are by Alex Karate. The name of the song is "Новый Год и Моцарт" (New Year and Mozart). There is no banjo in this song because I am a singer and banjo is only my hobby now... But you can hear my voice :)
Listen Here


box…I have a good idea. I want to make my own home site about country music and banjo for Russian and Uzbek people. Maybe they will love this kind of music more if I help them to find where to download bluegrass and country mp3’s :)
I decided to create an audio CD for my friends in Uzbekistan who don't know what a banjo is and who have never heard American country and bluegrass music.
It is not commercial project; I just make it by myself because I love Banjo Hangout web site!

If you have an interesting and nice song - playing or singing by you - and recorded with high quality, so you can nominate yourself to this CD. Please send me the link to download your song and tell me your real name (or name of your band). I'll listen your music and maybe I'll add it to the CD.


box Read Janna Kim: Banjo Player from Uzbekistan here


boxView a video of Janna playing her banjo called Banjolina here



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Cathy Moore - Banjo Janna Kim , Banjo Player and Rock Singer From Uzbekistan

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