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Adam Hurt: Perspective

Adam Hurt “Earth Tones”
By Paul Roberts – Banjo Crazy exclusive

Adam Hurt’s solo gourd banjo CD, “Earth Tones,” is a groundbreaking achievement. The celebrated banjo virtuoso’s first solo album is a daring foray into the mysterious world of the gourd banjo - the predecessor of the modern banjo brought to the colonies by African slaves hundreds of years ago. “Earth Tones,” offers a glimpse into another time through the ethereal lens of a true maestro.

With fourteen exquisitely rendered tunes, “Earth Tones” is an awesome triumph. Prior to this recording there would have been no way of knowing that the gourd banjo could be coaxed into producing such an extraordinarily high degree of refinement and mellifluousness. The artistic level to which Adam takes this ancient instrument is, to put it mildly, stunning. Indeed, “Earth Tones” is a revelation to the world of traditional American music.

Since his dramatic emergence as a child prodigy, Adam Hurt has become a cornerstone of American traditional music, helping to revivify the venerable clawhammer banjo style through his extensive performing and teaching. Adam is an ingenious banjo player, known for his uncanny ability to pull out a gorgeous sound from his instrument. His career is inspiring a renewal of interest in the clawhammer banjo style through the artful manner he synthesizes a tradition that has come before, and presenting it in creative and exciting new ways.

The combination of tunes, which Adam has chosen for “Earth Tones,” form a unique mosaic of beautiful sound that can be listened to repeatedly, without tiring. This is one of those rare CD’s you can leave in your car player for a very long time. “What may appear to be rather basic melodies can in fact express unspeakable emotions and evoke the experiences of generations past,” states Adam Hurt. With the release of "Earth Tones," Adam Hurt - a legend in his own time - continues to carve a awe-inspiring path, evoking the experiences of generations past; bridging those experiences into the present with indescribable beauty.


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Adam Hurt

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Carla Roberts of BanjoCrazy.comPaul Roberts recorded and co-produced "Earth Tones," Adam Hurt's cutting-edge solo gourd banjo CD. Paul performs multicultural roots music and his original compositions on sitar, cello banjo, cittern, 4 and 5-string banjos, saz and other plucked string instruments. In addition to his lifelong career as concert performer, Paul is known for his work in the field of music therapy. Paul is the proprietor of


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