Earth Tones CD is proud to announce a new solo gourd banjo CD by Adam Hurt

Earth Tones by Adam Hurt is an album featuring exquisite solo performances on the gourd banjo recorded and co-produced by Paul Roberts at the BanjoCrazy Studio. Available now on CDBaby

Earth Tones CD

Earth Tones Gourd Banjo CD by Adam Hurt
Read about Adam Hurt's Gourd Banjo CD's on our new page featuring Gourd Banjo.
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Banjo Lady

Deemed a “banjo virtuoso” by the Washington Post, Adam Hurt recently took the concert stage at the Kennedy Center for an historic performance of his elegantly innovative clawhammer banjo style.

Adam Hurt’s playing brings to mind how a Renaissance lutenist might approach traditional old-time American mountain music on a 5-string banjo.

“What may appear to be rather basic melodies can in fact express unspeakable emotions and evoke the experiences of generations past,” says Adam Hurt.

Adam Hurt’s clawhammer playing conveys an extraordinary elegance. His music is melodically intriguing, rhythmically exciting and aesthetically appealing. The melodious tone he somehow manages to coax out of a banjo is truly astounding.

Through his high level of technical refinement and range of expressive articulation, he elevates old-time music to a status on par with fine classical music.

Adam Hurt

Paul Roberts & Adam Hurt
At Adams' live concert in Colorado sponsored by Elation Center for the Arts. Read concert review.

Earth Tones Solo Gourd Banjo CD by Adam Hurt

"Adam Hurt has just released a new CD. Marking a watershed in the history of early American music, 'Earth Tones,' is an album featuring exquisite solo performances on the gourd banjo. The signature sound of Adam Hurt has become a cornerstone of 5-string clawhammer-style banjo music since his meteoric ascent to the musical stage."

Paul Roberts


Adam Hurt
Exclusive Articles and Interviews

Adam Hurt -Inspirational Banjo Virtuoso
Without a doubt one of the most ingenious traditional banjo players ever, Adam talks about himself and his music with Paul Roberts. more

Adams New CD  Earth Tones
Solo Gourd Banjo - buy it now on CDBaby

Earth TonesAbout the CD
Paul Roberts
describes the new CD by Adam Hurt


Adams CD "Perspective"
This CD is a must listen for Old Time Banjo enthusiasts. The delicate styling of traditional tunes interspersed with Adam's brilliant original compositions works well to keep one's attention throughout the CD. Each piece shows off the wonderfully warm, fresh and sensitive playing style that has catupulted Adam to the top of banjodom.

Adam Hurt FestivalWhat Marcy Marxer has to say about Adam......

“Adam Hurt is an innovator as much as he is a traditionalist. He’s got his own unique style.”

“I see talented people all the time. But every once in a while, someone is just over the top in terms of talent and what they choose to do with their talent, their intellect and intuition. And they come out with something that is just so remarkable and beautiful that it’s amazing. It leaves me almost speechless. And, that’s the case with Adam Hurt.”

“The only other time I ever heard that, in a young banjo player, was at a party in Boston years ago. There was a kid in the corner who was taking banjo lessons from Tony Trischka and he played so beautifully. I met him after he’d been playing for about an hour, and his name was Bela Fleck. That was before anyone knew who he was and he was phenomenal. I hadn’t seen another young talent like that - who was so amazingly brilliant - until I met Adam Hurt.”

In Concert....
Adam traveled to our neck of the woods for a concert performance. We wondered how his understated instrumental style would fly with our audience from the Colorado Mountains. From the first note to the last, concertgoers were absolutely captivated. Although many were new to the idea of a solo banjo performance, they really appreciated the Adam's virtuosity.
Adam Hurt Gourd Banjo Section

Gourd Banjo
View Adams Gourd Banjo Videos and more!
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Adam Hurt Banjo Virtuoso Adam Hurt

Paul Roberts interviews Adam Hurt
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Earth Tones - Adam Hurt CD

Earth Tones
New CD
Solo Gourd Banjo
read review
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Adam Hurt Banjo Virtuoso

CD Review
by Carla Roberts
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Perspective Vision

The Vision
The vision behind "Perspective" CD
in Adam's words
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Adam Hurt Concert Review

Concert Review
Adam plays in the mountains of Colorado
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David Hyatt Gourd Banjo

Kennedy Center

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Adam Hurt Banjo Virtuoso

Visit Adam on myspace
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About Adam

Adam Hurt draws on diverse musical influences from the North Carolina piedmont, the mountains of central West Virginia, the Ohio River Valley, and beyond to create his own elegantly innovative clawhammer banjo playing. At age 25, Adam has already placed in or won most of the major old-time banjo competitions including Clifftop, Mount Airy, and Galax, and won the state banjo championships of Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio, as well as the state fiddle championships of Virginia and Maryland. A respected teacher of traditional music, Adam has conducted banjo workshops at the Swannanoa Gathering, the Augusta Heritage Center, and Appalshop, among other venues around the country.

In 2006, Adam released his second CD, "Insight," on the Ubiquitone label. This recording highlights Adam's innovative banjo playing both in solo settings and with accompaniment by Cathy Fink (guitar, banjo, bouzouki), Beth Hartness (guitar), Marcy Marxer (guitar, mandolin, uke), and Jarred Nutter (fiddle). The selections found on this CD represent a surprising diversity of traditional Appalachian music, running the gamut from Round Peak stalwarts to stringband rags, from a Bill Monroe original to three Ed Haley tunes recorded on clawhammer banjo for the first time.

Following up on the success of "Insight," Adam spent a year refining and recording new material for his latest CD, "Perspective," which was released in the summer of 2009. The focus is once again on Adam’s highly individual clawhammer banjo arrangements of traditional music, with able support from fiddler Stephanie Coleman and guitarists Beth Hartness, Andy Edmonds, and IBMA Guitarist of the Year Kenny Smith. Adam’s varied influences and sources are well represented on a collection of tunes from southern Appalachia and beyond, including selections from the repertoires of Marcus Martin, Ed Haley, and Bill Monroe. (view Adam's website)


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