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Paul and Carla Roberts

Paul and Carla Roberts is operated by Paul and Carla Roberts, a musical team that has been performing together since 1974. Multi-instrumentalists, Paul and Carla play traditional acoustic instruments from around the world: sitar, guitar, dumbek, recorders, cittern, cheng, marimba, hammered dulcimer, harp, open back banjos, cello banjos, mandola, mandocello, bodhran, chalil, charango, coconut banjo, Native American flute, oud, sarod, tenor banjo, shakuhachi, tar, and saz.


Through the non-profit arts organization Elation Center for the Arts the Roberts remain active in the Southwest Arts scene, producing concerts, performing, and teaching traditional music, dance and culture.


Paul Roberts - StringsPaul Roberts
Learn more about Paul Roberts and his journey through the sound waves of the planet. Pictured here are the Indian sitar, the Turkish saz, the Arabic oud and the Indian sarod.


Sound Files from the "A Harvest of Sound" CD:

Boatman's delight - Paul's lovely guitar composition arranged by Carla

Yemenite Melody - featuring recorder, guitar and harp

Dream Dancer - Turkish saz and harp

All in a Garden Green - a renaissance dance with recorder ensemble and cittern


Carla Roberts, Chinese ChengCarla Roberts
Pictured here is the ancient zither of China called the Cheng. It has sixteen strings and is the ancestor of the Japanese Koto. Here are some samples of the cheng.

Sound Files from the "A Harvest of Sound" and "Dragonfly Blue" CDs :
Dragonfly Blue - cheng and guitar
Silver Moon Peaking Through the Clouds
- cheng and bamboo flute
Qua Caow Zha Bat
- Vietnamese folksong with cheng and vocal


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