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Paul and Carla Roberts


Paul and Carla Roberts

BanjoCrazy.com is operated by Paul and Carla Roberts, a musical team performing together since 1974. Multi-instrumentalists, Paul and Carla play traditional acoustic instruments from around the world: sitar, guitar, dumbek, recorders, cittern, cheng, open back banjos, cello banjos, mandola, mandocello, bodhran, chalil, charango, Native American flute, oud, sarod, tenor banjo, shakuhachi, tar, and saz.

Paul and Carla Roberts

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Gold Tone Instruments - BanjoCrazy.com's specialty


Gold Tone BanjosGold Tone Banjos is a remarkable company, widely recognized for offering high quality instruments at affordable prices. Wayne and Robyn Rogers founded Gold Tone in 1993, after Wayne designed a travel banjo that became a big hit.


Since then, the company has put thousands of instruments into the hands of musicians all over the world: 4-String, 5-String and 6-String Banjos, Cello Banjos, Travel Banjos, Electric Banjos, Alternative Banjos, Kids Banjos, Banjo Ukes, Banjolas, Banjitars, Mando Banjos, Weissenborns, Resonator Guitars, Mandolins and more.




Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts

has been playing banjo since 1962, when he became entranced with the bluegrass sound and technique. After six months of intense study, his first teacher handed over all her students to Paul. In college and during his career as a music therapist at McClean hospital in Belmont Massachussets, Paul used the banjo extensively.


Listen to a selection of Paul's Music....

Willie Moore and Sally Ann   on the CEB-4 Cello Banjo

Mountain Winds - with the oud (ancester of the lute) and chalil flute

Moonlight Raga - sitar solo

Cowboy in Paradise - original guitar composition w/tenor recorder, banjo


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