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Gold Tone Cello Banjo Model CEB5

The Missing Link - Béla Fleck

Béla Fleck and I both knew the Missing Link was a winner. Within a month he’d recorded with it on five of the tracks on Abigail and Béla’s duet album (which debuted at #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Bluegrass chart). Béla then showed the ML-1 to Steve Martin, who was so intrigued with its sonic possibilities that he ordered one immediately.”
Wayne Rogers
Gold Tone President

Béla Fleck playing the ML-1 "Missing Link" Baritone Banjo


When Béla Fleck showed Steve Martin the Missing Link baritone banjo, Steve was so intrigued with it's sonic possibilities that he immediately called Wayne Rogers at Gold Tone to order one.


For those of you who don't know yet, the ”The Missing Link” fills the void between the frequencies of a normal 5 string and cello banjo. Listen here .......(Tuning is dropped to CGCEG)

Inspired by John Hartford’s love for low-tuned banjo, Bela Fleck conceived the Missing Link, Baritone Banjo.

Bela’s previous experience with the Gold Tone Cello Banjo brought him to Wayne Rogers. The two collaborated in the design and, after many months of experimentation and various challenges, we are ecstatic to present the ML-1.

Bela Fleck "Missing Link" Banjo
Bela Fleck shows the Missing Link to his son Juno

Bela Fleck Cello Banjo

Bela Fleck with his beloved Gold Tone CEB-5 Cello Banjo

Affordable Quality

Banjo LadyWe’re very excited about the Gold Tone's incredibly diverse offering of affordable high quality musical instruments.

Cello Banjo ImageThat means quality parts, professional design, tight fitting assembly, and an expert set up by real musicians.
Gold Tone continually strives for more bang for the buck in every design and all price points. Every instrument receives a 12 point set-up, before shipment and verifies Gold Tone's commitment to great tone, superb playability, and your musical satisfaction! Compare and you'll find out why thousands of musicians are playing Gold Tone.

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Gold Tone Octajo Octive Mandolin Banjo

Octajo Octive Banjo Mandolin

Gold Tone is introducing an octave mandolin-banjo. The Octajo is a double-course tenor banjo tuned an octave below the mandolin. Featuring a 12” rim with bronze tone ring and an octave mandolin neck, the Octajo can be strung with either metal or nylon strings for a choice of dramatically contrasting tonal characteristics.

The Octajo fills a niche in a time when octave mandolins are gaining popularity. It opens a new tonal spectrum in the banjo and mandolin families of instruments. The Octajo is an instrument with a huge voice that will find its way into all kinds of music.

I've been working with Gold Tone as a retailer, independent product specialist and designer for many years and it's a thrill to have been asked to bring out this new instrument. I'll be receiving one soon and will update with videos and more information as my Octajo and I get to know each other.

Visit the Octajo Page Here

New Soundbird Banjo

soundbird tenor banjo

Click here for Specs and Options on the Soundbird

The Soundbird is a new 4-string banjo designed by Wayne Rogers of Gold Tone and Paul Roberts. Optimized for nylon strings the Soundbird features Paul's innovative Neck-Lift design, which liberates a colorful palette of timbre-rich tone. By raising the fingerboard 3/8-inch above the head and aligning the strings on a parallel plain with the head, the Neck-Lift makes the strings fully accessible between bridge and rim, and uncovers a treasure of jewel-like tones along the banjo's full variable tonal spectrum.


Soundbird Price :

$969 (free shipping to lower 48 US states)

Domestic and International Orders:

Personalized international service for the purchase of all Gold Tone stringed instruments provided by Paul Roberts of 970-731-3117


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New Adam Hurt CD!

Earth Tones CDEarth Tones Adam Hurt's new solo gourd banjo CD! Review

recorded co-produced by Paul Roberts of Banjo
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Spirited old-time tunes from North Carolina, intricate melodies from Kentucky and other intriguing music.

Adam Hurt’s solo gourd banjo CD, “Earth Tones,” is a groundbreaking achievement. The celebrated banjo virtuoso’s first solo album is a daring foray into the mysterious world of the gourd banjo - the predecessor of the modern banjo brought to the colonies by African slaves hundreds of years ago. “Earth Tones,” offers a glimpse into another time through the ethereal lens of a true maestro.

Adam Hurt "Earth Tones" CD

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The Octajo Playing "Kemp's Jig"


The Octajo Playing "Bouzouki Banjo"




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